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Today and future training

 Today, more and more people work in offices,have longer work hours, use better technology and automation, and are requierd to move less an a daily basis.

 This new enviroment produces more sedentary people, and leads to dysfunction and increased incidents of injury including chronic disease, low-back pain, knee injuries and other musculoskeletal injuries.

 In working with today’s typical client, who is likely to be decondiotioned, the fitness professional must use special consideration when designing fitness programmes. An integrated approach should be used to create safe programmes that consider functional capacity for each individual person.

 Integrated training is a concept that incoprorates all forms of training in an integrated fashion as part of a progressive system. These forms of training include:

Flexibility Training

Cardiorespiratory Training

Core Training

Balance Training

Plyometric (reactive) Training

Speed, Agility and Quikness Training

Resistance Training

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Total Fitness, Health And Wellbeing

What is health?

    How would you define health?

Health or total fitness is more than just being physically fit or medically healthy. It is a holistic concept that embreces a number of components that influence overall wellbeing.

Physical Fitness : The wellbeing of the body systems, the heart, lungs, muscles, bones and joints Health related and skill related components.

Mental and Emotional Fitness : The wellbeing of the mind. A positive mental state and harmony between the mind and emotions. Being able to manage stress.

Medical Fitness : Being free from injury, chronic disease and illness.

Nutritional Fitness : Having access to healthy food, eating a healthy diet, with a balanced nutritional intake for fuel, growth and repair.

 Social Fitness : Having healthy interactions and relationships with others.

In 1948 the worl health organization defined health as: ‘’ A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ‘’

This definition remains unchanged.