OPT Model

The Optimal Performance Training model, in short OPT model provides a system for properly and safely progressing any client to his or her goals , by using integrated training methods. It consists of three levels.

stabilisation level

The stabilisation level adresses muscular imbalances and attempts to improve the stabilisation of joints and overal posture.

This is a component that most training programmes leave out even though it is arguably the most important to ensure proper neuromascular functioning.

This training level has one phase of training

Phase 1: Stabilisation Endurance Training

strength level

The strength level focused on enhasncing stabilisation endurance and prime mover strength simultaneously (phase 2 ), while also increasing muscle size (phase 3 ) or maximal strength (phase 4 )

Most traditional programmes typically begin at this point and, as a result, often lead to injury.

Phase 2: Strength Endurance Training

Phase 3: Hypertrophy Training

Phase 4: Maximum Strength Training

power level

The power level is designed to target specific forms of training that are necessary for maximal force production. This level has one phase of training.

Phase 5: Power Training

         All these phases of training have been specifically designed to follow                                       biomechanical, physiologic and functional principles                                                  of the human movement system.They provide a systematic                                             progression that minimises injury and maximises results.

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