What does it take to start living life on my terms?

It takes a moment!!

One Moment

For each and everyone of us there is this moment in time when the impossible becomes possible.

A moment in time when you breakthrough your obstacles and limitations.

A moment in time when you Dare And Dream Big.

It is this same moment when you decide to live life on your terms.

Whether that means acheiving in business, creating healthy, meaningful relationships or discovering your true passion and purpose.

You’re not alone!

In Dare And Dream Big, our one on one coaching program, group workshops and training systems will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Christina Velidou

Your moment is now!!!

Choose what's right for your lifestyle, your time and your budget.


Do what you love and make your life a masterpiece! Christina’s coaching, events and products are designed to help you achieve your goals


If you are a person that created a successful business, small, large or medium that is thriving right now, then you know that it takes a lot more than just the desire ‘To Make More Money’.

Χωρίς τίτλο

Christina Velidou is a certified level 3 personal trainer and nutricional advisor with Premier Global-Nasm.Her passion for sports and love for people drove her to become a personal trainer.


Seize this unique opportunity and position yourself in a supporting, understanding and empowering enviroment, to discover and develop your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

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Raise your standards!! Compete with yourself!!!

Christina Velidou

My brand new book is here. Trully apocaliptic

There are times in our lives when forces  collide to produce life-changing events.  Authors from around the world have come together to share their inspirational stories. These breakthrough experiences will give insight and wisdom that will inspire you to greatness! 

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